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Thread: cnc rc1325 help

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    does anyone know if mach 3 software can be used for this machine olease contact me before i cut it up lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by dazzaessexuk View Post
    does anyone know if mach 3 software can be used for this machine olease contact me before i cut it up lol
    Mach3 could be used to boil the kettle to cook your tea and run a bath while controlling your machine if you wanted. The question is how difficult is to make happen and if you have the skills to make it happen.

    All joking aside the answer is YES and NO.
    YES, it can provide you know what's inside the existing machine and can work out some of the wiring connections.

    NO, it can't just be installed and work without knowing the details above.

    The model number of the machine means nothing to me and if it's a chinese type machine then chances are no two of the same model will have same electronics inside.
    So if you want help to determine whats required then post some GOOD pictures of inside the Electronics box along with pics of motors. Pics of the machine in general will help.

    After we see those will have a better idea and will then start asking you questions or to look at specific parts. Answer these accurately and 99.9% we will get you going or tell you whats required to get it working.
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    Are you talking about the Roctech 1325 series with the DSP controller ?
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