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    Hi all,
    I installed switches to my 6040 today (parallel running 2xX 2xY 2xZ) and cannot get mach3 to register them.

    I am using a UC400eth controller so no printer cable connection used and i have tested the physical side which all checks out correctly done. i set them as pin 11,12 and 13 for xyz home. any suggestions on what I'm missing?

    Almost forgot i set them up as open circuit.

    Kind Regards
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    What type of switch.? There are many types with some differences in how they connect.

    If proximity Switches then are they NPN or PNP.? How did you wire them, which colours where.?
    We need more details than just pin numbers

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    1st. I thought you normally wire the 2 limit switches in series per axis?
    2nd. NC or NO difference is represented by either Active low or Active high.
    For 2 wire units I'd wire it as + power from the supply and negative to the pin.

    Clueless about 3 wire.
    Work out which type of switch you have, google search diagrams in images, the information is easily found, research.

    That's about as far as my knowledge goes.
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