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    Hi Guys,

    Names Robbie from Bedfordshire, Im a custom bass guitar builder in my spare time and Toolmaker by trade. Im looking to build a benchtop cnc machine to help me make guitars. I can get hold of Ali bosch 60x30, Hiwin linear rails etc from work at a good price, so frame wise I should be ok. I will need some advice on stepper motors,ballscrews,etc . I want to build a solid machine that can cut wood.

    If any one wants to check my website,


    Im looking forward to getting started and getting everyones views.



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    Well if its a solid aluminium machine your after then check out my build log - [ame="http://www.mycncuk.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1058"]My Build - I blame you lot for this....! - MYCNCUK[/ame]

    This is the first machine I have built and it worked out pretty well. It can cut wood, aluminium, brass etc no problem at all. Keeps very good accuracy and not had a single problem with it since the day I finished it.

    I used THK 20mm rails and 80 x 40 extruded aluminium for the base, the rest of the plates were either 15mm or 20mm aluminium tooling plate. Very easy and quick to put together but I did spend a fair amount of time doing the design.

    It does sound as if you will need something similar to my machine so if you need drawings etc to get you going in the right direction then let me know.

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    Hi Robbie. Nice work, you must have a lot of spare time...:clap:

    I started looking at cnc about 2 years ago to build a machine for making guitars, still not built it (not enough time).

    Not sure i can help as your miles ahead of me but I will definetly be watching your build so lots of pics please.

    Good luck

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    Hi robbie, check out KJN for ali frame.

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    Cheers for that Lee, Ive got the KJN site on my desktop as a link. Good prices.


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    Hi Robbie,

    I've just came across your posts. It's 16 months too late but I just wanted to know whether you had any luck with your cnc machine. Are you still situated in Luton?

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