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    Hi, The small little machine I bought runs DRBL v0.9, which only reads NCfiles, I amtrying tofind a FREE licence converter that will convert my Inkscape projects to the NC format. I generally save them as DXF files,have downloaded loads of programs, but none seem to work, any ideas of a good,free programI could try?

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    I think .nc files are one option for G-code output. .ngc is another. Have a look at UGS on https://winder.github.io/ugs_website/

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    If I understand what you are trying to do :

    Inkscape creates an outline sketch of your part and is saved as a dxf. This is typically a file describing the line geometry and is therefore a CAD file.

    At the other end you have your CNC machine and controller which needs instructions about how to move the axes of the machine. This is a gcode or nc file. Both are text files telling the machine how to move plus usually some setup parameters for the cutting operation.

    To get the dxf into gcode (or nc) you need a CAM programme. This reads the lines in the dxf, then creates the toolpaths depending on how you want to cut the parts and the tools you will use. It then creates the gcode using a post processing (selectable in the software) which is compatible with your controller. Gcode has different flavours although essentially the same for all machines.

    Free CAM include CamBam (limited free trial?), Fusion 360 (needs 64 bit os).

    So you can’t just ‘convert’ a dxf into nc or gcode. There is a step in the middle which needs user interaction.
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    If you can put up with something that's cheap rather than free, have a look at Estlcam - about £45, and seems easy to learn

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    Am I missing something (other than a brain)?

    I have googled DRBL and can't see how Diskless Remote Boot for Linux is relevant to CNC. Is the OP just a typo for GRBL?

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    If you can use Inkscape you might find this page helpful https://www.norwegiancreations.com/2...sing-inkscape/ .I find Inkscape a hugely frustrating piece of software ,but for somebody whose mind is wired in such a way as to understand the thing it might be enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by routerdriver View Post
    I find Inkscape a hugely frustrating piece of software ,but for somebody whose mind is wired in such a way as to understand the thing it might be enough.
    I know what you mean about Inkscape, it is a bit 'written by geeks, for geeks'. Thanks for the link, if you google 'inkscape gcode' you get a few links which may be useful, but I haven't had time to look at them. I have used Inkscape to generate dxf files from scans, but I use Estlcam for Gcode generation, it is easier.

    As an aside google 'askew' - it took my wife a while to see the joke!


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    Typo, GRBL... Sorry...

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