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    Wasn't sure where to post this as you haven't a section for EDM's as yet.

    We run a Sykes Fanuc W1 Wire Eroder, quite an old machine now but still very much used. Last night I ran a job overnight but in the morning when I looked at it the machine was showing a 416 X Servo Alarm and the job (a multi repeated job which runs about 30 in a row) had run off at an angle in the X direction. This has never happened before, either the run off or the alarm. I had to shut it off, which cleared the alarm, but when I tried to move the machine out of the way it ran very oddly in X. It sounded odd, kind of clicks but with a slight groan. I took the skirts off and there didn't seem to be any issue with the guides the machine runs on, enough grease there. Whenever I try and move X axis I get the sound and then it alarms out with the 416. One of the guys thought it might be the servo itself, maybe some slack in the coupling between the ballscrew and the servo.

    Any ideas?


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    Just found out that the servo motor has gone. We are shopping around to find one. If anyone has a Fanuc Servo Motor going spare we would be happy to buy it.

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