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    This is my first post, sorry if i dont put as much information as needed, would be grateful for any help.

    I have a secondhand Boxford 250PC, have had it for 2 years, works as expected. It has sat unused due to lack of time for almost a year I think, and I have just tried to get working videos to sell it.

    The X+ overtravel sensor/ limit seems to be stuck on, and i cant figure out where it is to even begin to fault find with it. The error is coming up on the PC, and has limited the machine to X- jog slowly only, which is normal for an overtravel trigger. Normally you jog it off the sensor, then your free to use all the functions on the machine. But the X axis can be jogged all the way to the X- stop, and the sensor is still ON. Has anyone experienced this? or know where to find it? I have taken the cover off the turret and cant find anything obvious.


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    It's an old machine running an old control system with old parts and is about due a refurbishment.
    A good retro-fit with reliable quality equipment might make it worth the 4k you want for it.
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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    I just wanted to post the 'solution' to this, rather embarrassingly, I lubricated everything, and gave it all a really good clean. After not moving for some time it had just got a bit sticky!

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