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    Gents, first time poster. I'm looking to do my first cnc build. First before I do anything is I would like to build a parts list and then assemble it in fusion 360, I've seen a couple people post builds that they are doing in the program but haven't really seen where they are getting the source files for those components. Anyone mind linking me to a thread with those links and or a good site to get parts that are of quality for reasonable prices?

    Also just did my first cnc project on a friends mill and it basically gave me the bug... pic below on first completed project.

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    Hi welcome to the forum,

    Nice work on the logo, what machine has your friend got, are they members here?

    Some parts will be drawn from scratch in F360, there are models for some of the standard off the shelf parts you can download to help speed things up, bearings, lead screws, ball nuts and so on, best bet would be to send those topics a message asking for the files as we don't currently have a directory of the files, not even the common ones as mentioned above.

    (adds idea to his to-do list)

    You could give GrabCAD: Design Community, CAD Library, 3D Printing a look as there is lots of files on that website.
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