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    Good morning,

    I know it's a long shot but i have come across some motors and encoders that have been 'chopped' out of something and i'm looking for assistance for re-wiring.

    Omron R88M U10030VA - S1

    Yaskawa TRD-Y2048

    If anybody could provide electrical drawings or paperwork for these i'd be most grateful. They are old enough to have dropped of the list of readily available / supported documentation.

    Alternatively if there is some standardisation in the colour schemes for encoder/motor i'd be willing to risk it for a biscuit!


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    Hi Snowy,

    I've attached to this post the Omron User's manual for the Omnuc U-Series servo motors and the servo driver units, this document covers the wiring of the R88M-U servo motors and the R88D-UA servo driver units, hopefully this should give you what you need.

    Chapter 2. Looks like your friend ;-)

    Hobnobs...the blue ones!...
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    Cheers for that.
    I'll maybe be able to see if i can get them to turn but probably need to find different encoders

    Blue ones you say.............

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