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    Hi everyone, Andy here, I have a woodwork and blacksmithing workshop, got my self a cnc router table that I’ve had in storage for 2 years, finally got round to setting it up, I haven’t got a clue about cnc but am willing to learn,does ny one know of any courses I can attend, it would be helpfulto get me on my way, many thanks, Andy
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    Hi Andy,

    It would be handy to know what software you are using, or intend to use, and what you need to learn.

    I know that sounds a bit daft, but as yet we don't know exactly where you are with CNC. Do you need to know how to create code for your machine to run?

    Have a go at googling 'Learning CNC' and see if any of the results (mainly youtube videos) are relevant to your needs.

    If you are really stuck PM me your phone number and I will see if my limited knowledge can kick you towards the goal.

    I know that, in my own case, there was a hell of a learning curve, but once you get to a certain point, it starts to make sense.



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