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    Hello All,

    I'm a new member of this forum and it's years I wanted to have a CNC.
    in the past I bought a vertical milling machine but I kept it manual.

    Background: I'm a mechanical engineer, I know how to use CAD, 3D printing code and I can easily handle mechanics problem, but not that well electronic one.

    I just bought a 1990 Rye CNC router, I was looking for a good solid base rather then spend 600£ on a Chinese flexible frame.
    I got myself a 800kg gift, with some pretty good chassis (at least in my opinion.)

    Machine spec:
    - x axis: linear slide rail with (I think) SBR25 bearing, Ball screw and SEM ltd motors (MT22R2-24 perm magnetic DC servomotor), belt driven
    - y axis: linear slide rail with (I think) SBR25 bearing, Ball screw and SEM ltd motors (MT22R2-24 perm magnetic DC servomotor), belt driven
    - z axis: pneumatic actuated (no controller connected to it at the moment, the pipes are open)Ú not sure how is called the rail system, it's like trapezoidal

    The table is in Bakelite and has a suction system and the pump is there
    The spindle is a Perske 2.2 kW, 17000rpm, and I have only a collar (6mm)
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Controller: this is the critical bit for me. It has a nice Burny NEE AMC, the manual are there. It's not connected to the rest of the machine but it should not be a problem.

    I'll open another threat to ask:
    - help on what to do with it (I'm planning to change all the electronics and motors)
    - I want to sell the current servomotors and AMC Burny controller, but I have no idea of the value, I need Help!!
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    Hey Agors,

    Looks nice a nice solid machine base to start from, I'm pretty sure we have seen other Rye cnc routers talked about here before (i could be wrong...).

    Good luck with the build, I look forward to watching what you do with the machine and seeing the pics of its constriction.

    Feel free to post your questions and when your ready please start your own build/conversion log new thread here: Gantry/Router Machines & Building

    I will add a Rye CNC sub section shortly

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    Do you know why Iím not able to post in the market section?

    I would need some advice on the value of the servomotor and controller I want I to sell. (Pic attached).

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