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    John, I think you misunderstood. I gave up on pourig unfilled epoxy to level uot linear rails supports.
    I would love to build my router entirely out of epoxy granite. Unfortunately getting aggregates in less than tonne per grade and lack of big enough flat surface to cast against pushed me towards steel.
    I'm still filling sections with epoxy granite but with aggregate far from optimal, mostly as dampening medium. Also hollow 100x50x4mm gets easily crushed when bolted together. Gantry beam is filled with epoxy granite to stop this. Gantry will be bolted with 4 m8 bolts at each side.

    Also if(and mostlikely will) my Z axis proves too flimsy to give reasonable aluminium cut finish it will get cast epoxy granite upgrade. But that's distant future.

    As for works update :
    Scraping done to within +0.05mm.
    Gantry beam is granited up
    Tomorrow hand scraper will get workout.
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    Decided to order proper straight edge, HELIOS-PREISSER 0464103 Stahllineal DIN 874/0, 1000 mm. Straight and parallel to 0.012mm
    Came today, wrapped in cardboard with massive dent 200mm from end. Dropped it on granite surface plate -> 0.03 mm feeler gauge fits under, clearly bent.
    Sent it straight back(pun intended).
    Good in a way, laser+camera alignment works out much cheaper and as far as i can say just as accurate.
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    Z axis greasing extensions

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