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    ok the problem was the pin presets in mach3.

    For some reason my numbers are different to the uniport board also so now its just a fine tune of M3

    Happy days !

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    Edit - Missed your last post, looks like you have already sorted it!

    Have you configured your charge pump output in mach3? This is the signal required to enable the breakout board and without this then nothing will work, thats unless you have an overide jumper on the breakout board which you can set so that it will ignore the signal but I don't recommend doing this.

    To configure mach3 to operate it you need to go to the output settings and configure your axis outputs (I take it you have already done this?) and also the charge pump output. The charge pump output is pin1 the rest of the outputs can be found in the manual (see below).

    Parallel Port Pin Uniport Input
    1 Charge pump signal Out
    2 X Direction Out
    3 X Step Out
    4 Y Direction Out
    5 Y Step Out
    6 Z Direction Out
    7 Z Step Out

    I used a uniport board on my machine and from memory these were all incorrect when I first installed mach3 and I had to change all of the values to get my steppers to run.

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    Yeah non of the pins are correct if i operate X axis my Y axis moves etc hell knows why !

    Im in the process of finding the right pins for the right axis. so far i have

    X - Pin 8
    Y - Pin 6

    Cant find the z axis yet. also the motors are only going one way any ideas?

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    Scrap that i have now found my pins.

    Would it be worth posting my pin set up for this board or could every board be different?

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    Damn! motor still only going one way !

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    I am using the same breakout board so should be able to point you in the right direction.

    What do you have your axis pin settings set at in the Mach3 software?

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    Hi Steve,

    I think i have it now but if you could run my image past your settings it would be appreciated.

    Also when i try to cut the below file all i get is a lot of Z movement but not alot of X,Y is this correct?

    *Please dont hate the newbie as we were all here at one stage :) *
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    I have taken a look at the program for the step clamp and yes there is a lot of Z movement, it roughs the clamp by plunge roughing which means it basically drills holes all over it to remove the bulk of the material. Not my favourite way of roughing and certainly would not do it like that myself!

    Checked my settings and attached a jpeg showing what mine are set to, your pin outputs are completely different to mine to the point were I can't see how it is working at all! Are you sure you are using a uniport board? can you post a photo of it. This could be down to your wiring though, I would just double check your connections again.
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    Sure here are a couple pictures

    I will try my set up with your pins and let you know the outcome.... bare with me.
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    That's not a Uniport board.

    John S -

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