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    tryed your settings Steve, they just dont want to know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John S View Post
    That's not a Uniport board.

    This is where i got it from John

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    also Uniport wrote on the Board

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    Sorry, my mistake I was thinking about Optoport not Uniport

    I have used many Optoport boards but never used the Uniport.

    Just took delivery of some PBB20 with the new spindle speed board for a couple of conversions that's on the books but these will have to wait until after the Warwick show.

    In fact just got a parcel of goodies for the show from Roy today but not had chance to open it.

    John S -

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    Well its a Uniport BOB!

    But, looking at your photo's were have you got the ground wire from uniport connected to? Looks like you have it going to the PUL- and DIR- on the drivers, if so disconnect them and don't connect anything to them.

    The ground needs to be common on all the drivers and uniport on the GND connection only so loop them all together using the wires you have just disconnected.

    And stop using what looks like twin and earth cable, get your self a roll of 0.5mm tri rated from ebay, something like this -
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    Quote Originally Posted by John S View Post
    Sorry, my mistake I was thinking about Optoport not Uniport

    Don't worry, I keep getting them mixed up as well. Must be something to do with getting old!

    Did I mention that I am 40 in a few weeks? Just making sure you don't forget me present:naughty:

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    Steve. the wires that ive used are just standard electrical wires. i had an old electric heater i stripped and used the power cables. ONLY to test tho they will not stay there. i have some signal wire from gary for those.

    The ground cable goes from each GND on the uniport to

    DIR - (DIR)
    ENA- (ENA)
    On all drivers

    ENA+ is disabled on all driver as im running the 5v from the USB

    So are you saying you want me to disconnect the GND from the uniport and link them all together on the drivers?

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    This was all as per the wiring diagram are you sure this is correct matey?

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    Quote Originally Posted by D-man View Post
    This was all as per the wiring diagram are you sure this is correct matey?
    This is how I wired mine with the Driver 50 from roy, according to his Uniport manual - - it shows it how I was explaining it. But, your driver wiring diagram shows it different.

    To be honest i have not had too much experience with the PM542 drivers but looking at the wiring diagram you may be right. Do you have the 270 ohm resistors inline?

    What I can not still understand is your output configuration in Mach3, why you are using ouput pins 8 and 9 for the X, 6 and 7 for the Y and 5 and 4 for the Z beats me. Have you tried a different LPT cable?.

    So can you summarize what is and what is not working at the moment?

    John, have you played with these drivers before?

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    Everything is working now, i get forward and backward movement with the pins set up the way i told you, everything seems to be working as it should.

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