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    Just been reading that manual and it looks like you can remove the GND wires from the PUL- and Step- if you are still having issues.

    Excerpt from PM542 manual -

    This driver uses differential inputs to increase noise immunity and interface flexibility.
    Single-ended control signals from the indexer/controller can also be accepted by this interface.

    Still does not make sense but if its working then don't mess with it too much!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HiltonSteve View Post

    John, have you played with these drivers before?
    Yes used quite a few of them, got a pick a new batch up tomorrow from Ketan at ARC now he's had another container come in.
    Pre ordered 20 but he ran out and sold the ones he'd put on one side for me.

    So I'll play safe and get 30 or 40 of them this time.
    John S -

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    Steve i will remove the GND wire and let you know the outcome..

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    Quote Originally Posted by D-man View Post

    So are you saying you want me to disconnect the GND from the uniport and link them all together on the drivers?

    Just re-read this post and thought I better clarify, the GND needs to common on the Uniport and the drivers. Use GND connections on the uniport and connect them to the driver GND's only, not the PUL- or (edit) DIR-.
    Last edited by HiltonSteve; 14-10-2009 at 09:25 AM. Reason: STEP- does not exist!

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    Steve there is no step- on the divers

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    Quote Originally Posted by D-man View Post
    Steve there is no step- on the divers
    Sorry I meant PUL- and DIR-

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    done what you mentioned but if i do that nothing works at all. could that effect the pin situation?

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    Just sent you a PM

  9. Disconnecting the - side of the clock, direction and enable will mean that the optos dont work, and you will get no motion.

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