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    Check this out, the largest 3d printer on the planet just printed a 5,000 pound - 25 foot long boat, this is largest object to have ever been 3d printed so far!

    The printer itself has axis lengths that allow it to print in an area 100 x 22 x 10 feet...

    Time lapse:

    More in-depth look at both:

    So, 10ft z axis anyone lol

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    No doubt the lack of sideways forces from cutting operations makes it easier to arrange a large Z axis.Long ago,when Motionmaster were in business they offered a 5 axis router of pretty much that size.

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    It's very cool, and it's interesting to see what comes out of it. In general, I am always interested to see how things work that were made with a 3D printer. My friend also has a 3D printer, with which he simulates various objects that are no different from the real thing. We were recently in Miami, and we were on vacation with our families. We took advantage of the service boat rentals miami. We liked that vacation so much that we decided to repeat it a few more times. And my friend even managed to simulate such a boat, on which we rode with the help of 3d printer.

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