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    I need help.

    I am in West Cumbria in the UK and I am trying to learn to use this CNC machine. All I get is a total mess on the wood or wrongly sized to how I think I have produced something on the computer. Also not sure what bits to use, if at all I am using the correct ones. Apologies if this sounds stupid.

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    Is your code Imperial G20 or Metric G21?
    The moves themselves are just numbers, the presence of G20 or G21 tells the controller whether 1.5 is 1.5 inches or 1.5 centimetres.
    Likewise your CAD/CAM can be set to Inch or Metric so both your CAD/CAM and the controller need to be working in the same units.
    Once you get that sorted out you need to sort out your motor step settings in the controller such that a G-Code command to move a given distance actually results in a move of that distance.
    It all seems complicated but it really isn't once you get into it ;-)
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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    Get yourself a uc100 controller + the software and you should find it reasonably easy to setup and run. I bought a cnc machine about 10 years ago and ended up having it sitting in the corner of my workshop for about 8 years because I couldn`t figure out cam software supplied. I installed winpcnc usb first which worked but was a bit over technical and then bought a UC100 usb adapter with a license and things have been by and large working well since then. I'm happy to give the uc100 a plug as it worked and the support was always good. I think you will have to be a bit more specific as to what your problems are and what you are trying to machine, if you want to get help from the forum members.
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