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    Hi all i am a new member from Hjørring in Denmark.
    This spring i started buying stuff, to build a CNC router. Started with i stumbled over parts from a dismantled homebuild CNC router.
    And from there i started the building project - the stuff i stumbled over were motors - motor drivers - breakoutboard - leadscrews - and guidance bars and some more stuff.

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    Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you have plenty of parts to get started with. The trick is working out how to fit them all together! Plenty of help available on the forum for that.

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    Hi Kit.
    Ty for the welcome, i found this forum searching for info about a chinese frequency converter set up - it should arrive soon - and i am pretty sure i found the set up in this forum - the CNC router is almost complete now - i posted it in DIY machines


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