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    Wanted a small milling head for a little mill. Say 3/4 to 1 hp, If you have perhaps a broken base or table, I would be pleased to purchase your head unit. - Could take a bench drill head if available. Anything considered.

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    Warco do a column and head that is designed to fit on the bed of a lathe if that is of any help.



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    I should perhaps confess, that this is very much a sit in the corner project that is not absolutely required. It is a guilt thing because it has been sitting there for years. As such, from time to time I look up and try to find something that could be cobbled on to it. Expensive options, are really not an option. Simply looking for a lucky cheapskate option. Those that have such "artefacts" may understand?
    It is by the way a Swiss Micron and too good to discard or completely dismiss. Even fitted with X,Y,Z DRO`s

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