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    Hello All
    Please excuse me for not sticking purely on a CNC topic.
    Six months ago I bought an old Capco surface grinder that was converted into an improvised vertical mill.
    Hoping to restore it into use as a surface grinder.
    Yet to find a picture of this exact model so far and am struggling to source information regarding rebuilding the headset.
    I will attach some photos to illustrate my quandry.
    I thought taper roller bearing would be needed but both bearing seats face the same direction.
    The spindle I will need to make or get made, have no idea what diameter and type of attachment the wheel will need [ either a locking nut or hub with a morse taper?]
    The motor sits inside the casing and drives the spindle internally.
    I even have the original drive belt made of material with a metal hinge!
    Would love to get any thoughts on this, feel free to tell me what you think!
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    Hi I have one of these hand Surface Grinders. I could help with parts, and a bit of knowledge. But I don't expect you will answer looking at your inactivity.

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    Hello Rodger the Dodger
    Many thanks for the message
    Would love to hear from you about any Capco info!

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    Ok your back. Are you still going to rebuild this machine? How far have you got so far? The one I've got I've had a long time. I used to work it at a job i worked at many years ago and then bought it cheap off them. But stopped using it as when i bought it, as i had to dismantle it to get it home in my car at the time, and never fully put it back together. So it would be possible to let you have the spindle if it helps. Spose it depends where you live.

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    Hello Rodger
    Apologies for the delay in responding.
    Thanks for your response and yes I am determined to restore my machine, I dismantled sections of it and realised not only was my spindle missing but also the rack under the table and the bevel gear and handle that operate the X - Axis (left & right).
    If you wish to sell any or all of your bits please count me in as interested!
    I am based down in Hastings and can travel to pick stuff up!

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    I am not sure i've got all the bits you need, but have got the bevel gear in place and handle which is all attached to a large casting. Its a bit rusty but would probably clean up ok. Mine has still got the drive belt in place. I would like to help you with these bits, I am in Essex and could meet up on the journey sometime. The grinder takes regular grinding wheels similar to Jones and Shipman type, which i have also. A 540 hydraulic grinder which is a fair bit bigger.

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    Hi Neil. i have sent PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger the Dodger View Post
    Hi Neil. i have sent PM.
    If you can find spares easily this may be the way to go; if not then keep an eye open on Ebay for a few months, i purchased a Dronsfield Eagle Mk4 for 250 about 3 years ago, it still needs a rebuild but at least it came with all the bits That included the magnetic table. If you have the space the Jones and Shipman 540 with hydraulic table movement and auto feeds is a better bet. Also there are websites with rebuild methods in pictures for the J & S and bearings and seals are readily available.
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