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    Hi chaps, before I burn the house down or kill myself i am asking for some help. The connection block in the inverter reads E.R.S.T.P.Pr.U.V.W. I understand that E is for input earth and that I can use R and S for input live and input S in that order. Can someone please confirm that I am correct in thinking that R is ok for input live and S for negative. This is for UK single phase.
    Then we have connections U.V.W which I understand to be output to the spindle. Here I have know idea which wire is what. Can anyone please help me out here. Thanks. Michael

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    Best to refer to the manual of your exact model, but in general the manual usually says something along the lines of "R S T for 3 phase input - for single phase input choose two wilfully", which I choose to read as use any pin of R,S, or T for live or neutral. I plan to use R live and S neutral, but I haven't turned mine on yet, so don't trust me.

    My earth is after the UVW pins, so just check where yours is and that its connected. What ever you do, before switching on, you must check for continuity between U V W and earth. There should be an open circuit - otherwise bad things will happen. I also don't plan on switching the VFD on until its wired up to my spindle - I have a vague memory of that also being a bad idea.

    As for UVW and which pin is which, I don't think there is a way of knowing - wire it up, and if it spins the right way you're golden, but if it spins in reverse swap two phases. I plan to use pin 1 on the spindle to U, pin 2 to V, and pin 3 to W as a starting point.

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    Thanks I have looked at the manual and this is why I am asking on this forum. The manual is useless.

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    Yeah its certainly not an easy read

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    Terry you can put Live and Neutral to any of the R, S, T doesn't matter which way around it will work. I just use R & S

    UVW is for the Spindle. Again doesn't matter which order you put wires it will work, however, if the spindle spins the wrong way when Forward direction is selected then swap any two wires and it spin correct direction.

    AndyUK, Starting VFD without Spindle connected won't hurt it. Even connecting spindle wires with VFD turn on won't hurt it PROVIDED the spindles not set to RUN. However I wouldn't be recommended so always turn off.

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    Couple of things to add if you are starting out:

    Label the UVW cables once the direction is established as correct so you don’t have to play lucky dip should you disconnect it in future.

    Ensure all joints between the VFD and the motor are tight, and any plug sockets remain tight without any strain or opportunity to fatigue over time. If the motor is running and there is any interruption in the UVW cables power supply the VFD will most likely be damaged.
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    Hi chaps today I had a go at wiring this up.i have used E for earth, R for live and S for neutral on the input side to the inverter. And used U,V,W to pins 3,4,5 on the spindle. Powered it up, got lights on the inverter, pressed the on button and turned the speed pot control. Nothing at the spindle. What have I done wrong,

    Ok sorted. Should of used pins 1,2,3.
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    My spindle runs on four pins, and I connect U V W to the first three. Yours sounds a little different - perhaps some photos would help us?

    I also assume you're referring to the 'RUN' button as the on button?

    Have you followed a commissioning video to set up all the parameters correctly in the VFD? Worth having a quick search on you tube to try and find your exact model - there are lots of settings to check.

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    You have the Spindle connections wrong. Should be 1, 2, 3 the others are not used.

    Edit: Ok just seen you sorted it.!

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