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    I wonder if members can suggest any companies that have experience in moving machines within the UK ?

    Machine size in question is the typical surface grinder/lathe type.
    Greatly appreciate the help to find a good solution.

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    Any machines that I have needed transported I have used Steve Cox @ "Landylift"
    He's a very knowledgeable guy as far as moving machines are concerned, and very helpful to boot. He helped me to get my lathe to it's final resting position.
    I would certainly recommend him to anyone needing a machine moved in the UK.

    You can find him here :-

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    I've also used Landylift Steve, and I'd certainly recommend him if his location suits what you need moved (the machine I had moved, happened to be 30minutes south of him, and I'm about 4hrs North, so his location worked out well).

    If it's a reasonably local move, it's worth searching for local lorry crane/hiab companies, as there are usually a few local companies, and some owner operators nearby. Main thing is to make sure access is good so they just need to rock up, load the machine, then drop of it off at the destination.

    If you need it rolled into a specific position, or it's not a straightforward lift and shift, then you need to search for machine moving companies, who will charge accordingly.
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    Many thanks for the feedback, I'll reach out to Landylift.

    Better to work with people who know how to do it - i don't want the stuff damaged because i went with an inexperienced team.

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    Just beware, Steve now only moves stuff in a small radius, close to his base up North. He previously moved stuff for me to London but wont anymore, so location might be an issue.

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