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    Hi all

    Taking time to nose around and read the forum

    Also seeking help for my problem with a table on my pillar drill that has either failed or has a prt missing due to a friend disassembling it, to transport, then reassembling it

    Simply put, the table has a solid collar that fits over the column that has a lever that screws into it (rather than clamping around the column like a split collar).

    Unfortunately, something appears to have been mislaid in the move, as collar no longer clamps around column.

    If anyone can assist in what may be wrong, or missing I would be very grateful


    MickClick image for larger version. 

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    My guess is that the clamp uses a split collet. The missing bit is a kind of sleeve that fits under the head of the clamp bolt, like a long cylindrical washer. It would probably have an angle sliced off one end (ideally, shaped to fit the column) to match the "nut" which is presumably in there. The clamp bolt pinches the two bits together to grab the column. Done properly, this is a good way to arrange a clamp as it will generally clamp securely without moving or damaging anything. The collets (nut and sleeve bits) are often brass or similar to help avoid scarring the column and they float in their bore. It seems highly likely that the "sleeve" bit dropped out and was lost in the disassembly and move.

    But that's all based on one picture that doesn't really show the angles too well! So forgive me if I've misread it.

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