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    The laser tube is the heart of a laser machine which plays a decisive role in laser cutting performance. A good laser tube should has ideal mode, stable power and other elements.
    There are many kinds of lasers which can be defined differently from different angles. Distinguish from the medium of excitation, it can be divided into solid state laser and gas laser. They use different solids or gases as media. At present, the main laser is Co2 laser tube in laser cutting field. Co2 laser tube which it is widely used in cutting various materials Because of it can more easy to obtain ideal laser mode and higher energy, with stable performance and short downtime.(ps:The co2 laser tube produced by spt laser is the best quality of the laser tube brand I know so far.)

    1.Motivation model.
    Co2 laser tube produce laser via electrode motivation Co2 gas. According to the installation position of metal electrode, it can be divided into DC excitation and RF excitation.

    2.Beam Full Divergence Angle.
    Strictly speaking that beam full divergence angle is not part of the laser. But the mode of laser has great influence on the far-field divergence Angle. We can discuss them together. The influence of beam divergence Angleís cutting performance is reflected in the width and slope of the incision. The smaller the angle of divergence is, the narrower the incision width, the smaller the slope, so the So the quality better.

    3.Laser frequency.
    Laser output is divided into pulse output and continuous output. The laser used for cutting and welding adopt to pulse output mode. The pulse frequency mainly affects the cutting speed and the cutting roughness. High frequency is essential for high speed cutting. At present, most co2 lasers manufacturer produce the Co2 laser tube frequency within 5000Hz.

    4.Laser mode.
    It is one of the most important indexes to measure laser quality. It can be divided into single mode, base module and multiple mode. The base module is TEM00, Its exponent is 0 on the X and Y axis, so it's an ideal dot. The laser which it is TEM00 can get the minimum beam diameter and minimum slit and faster cutting speed in the cutting process due to its light spot is small. Multiple mode is non-zero exponents on the XY direction, its laser beam quality is poor, generally only use for welding and not for cutting.

    5.Laser power.
    Including peak power, energy stability and other elements. Different power can be used to cut different thickness in cutting sheet metal. Take a 150W CO2 laser tube as an example, It can cut 20mm acrylic or 18mm plywood. However, the Co2 laser tube which below 90W can only cut acrylic below 12mm and plywood below 8mm. Another indicator of power is power stability, stable power is the guarantee of excellent cutting performance. The stable power makes the incision smooth and flat.

    Moreover, It is also a very important test for laser operation too long time in the process of using the laser.
    The power attenuation of DC excited laser is caused by electrode ablation under long-term working condition. In addition, Some of the laserís vacuum pump and turbo pump use lubricating oil which it is caused laser resonator contaminated by lubricating oil, thus the laser life is shortened. So it would be better if you could give your machine a rest after working for a while.

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