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    Hi, I bought a working fadal VMC15 10k 4 axis machine 8 years ago. dry stored. VGC Running perfectly. large manufacturer, well maintained. Light work Brass small jobs mostly drilling. Tried to wire and plumb last year came back with a fault.
    I am now having health issues and need to dispose of the above machine. either break it it sell as is.
    Ashburton, Devon UK.
    Nick Turner

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    Price ?

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    Don't have a clue, I do have someone interested in the 4 axis, unless someone wants to take the whole machine. It is very Clean, the way guards are off and the screws and beds look in VGC. It is early days only decided this morning to clear it out, I bought a XYZ SM3500 instead. I am more old school engineer. You in Spain? Nick Turner

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    Nick sent you PM interested in taking it whole machine as is.!

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