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    Bobcad, Alibre and Solid Edge can't open it.

    It's a simple 2 D shape, why not draw it as 2D ?
    Laser cutters only read 2 D files.

    John S -

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    Can't open it here either.

    May be quicker to re-post the original drawing that you did but dimension it up, that way I can re-draw it.


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    This is so annoying!
    It just seems stupid that I spent all that time making the part, and then I have to make another drawing only for someone else to make another!

    One last go... I messed around with settings, tried a bunch of different formats... hopefully something works.

    If not I'll knock up the drawing this afternoon.
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    I think I have finally got it!

    It occurred to me whilst in the shower (I find the bathroom a great place to solve problems). DXF is a 2d format, yes? For some reason when I import my Maya file into Rhino it gets rotated 90 degrees so that when you look at it from the top all you see is line! So I thought maybe I need to rotate the object so that the drawing can be seen from the top view port, and sure enough I can now see the drawing in eDrawings viewer. So fingers crossed this works.
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    Are you sure you want it 134" long ?
    John S -

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    u sure thats not to do with your import settings, or the units the prog is set to use?

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    John, you are wrong its not 134 inch's long.

    Its 3.4m!

    Leave it with me, I will sort it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Roberts View Post
    I have done somthing along these lines, sorry to hijack !
    How do you plan on keeping this little lot + BOB and PC cool? Looks like you have the same Zapp kit as me and it gets pretty hot I can tell you! I have finally managed to get the three 120mm fans in my case working and although it's a bit noisy, everything stays very cool indeed now.

    Nothing is foolproof......to a sufficiently talented fool!

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    I have 2 boxes under my machine and I would prefer to have a setup similar to what you have down.
    I would sure like to see the build log for that PC/controller Lee.
    Any chance of you posting a build log?
    Thanks, Keith
    Life lesson number 1: If your not enjoying it your doing it wrong...........
    Life lesson number 2: Refer to Life lesson number 1...........

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