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    Has anyone tried this? from what their website says it looks like it has promise, though I don't have the time at the mo. to test out the trial version.

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    I've demo'd it in the past, and I wasn't that impressed personally given the price, however that was a good few years ago, and I've not really kept up with the latest versions.

    Mastercam was available for not much more at the time, and if you managed to get an offer, was a more capable/useable product.

    Personally, I ended up with a copy of CamBam. It's a bit 'clunky', and certainly doesn't have anything exotic like tangential toolpaths, but it works well for most of the bits I do on the mill.

    However, unless you really don't want to go cloud, you can't really beat Fusion360 at the moment.
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    Thanks for the comments. I'm not keen on Fusion360 as a) the internet in the workshop is pants (MBB only) & b) some of the work I do has a commercial element and stuff will need to be shared - and I can't justify a commercial licence. One facility I am looking for is a decent chamfer utility (arbitrary angles and deep, not just the length of the cutter), and the only app. that I've found that does that well is Vectric Cut2D - but it's very limited in other ways.

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