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    Hi All,

    My company makes an alternative to ply out of difficult to recycle plastic here in the UK.

    The boards are stiff (for plastic), lightweight (~30kg), "8x4", 19mm thick, 1005 recycled plastic panels and you can use them anywhere you might use ply. The benefit of our boards is that the don't ever rot or degrade over time.

    Attached are a photo of the board and a bench made form it.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    If this is something you are interested in knowing more about please check out stormboard.net or dm me.

    Thanks for your time,


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    Forgive me Archie, but can you clarify if recycled plastic is better for the environment in this application than sustainably forested ply?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndyUK View Post
    Forgive me Archie, but can you clarify if recycled plastic is better for the environment in this application than sustainably forested ply?
    Hi Andy, thanks for your question.

    I can confirm we are better for the environment than sustainably forested ply for a few reasons. Firstly we use low grade waste that is diverted from carbon emitting incineration or landfill. Also because we make our boards from UK waste plastic here in the UK the transport CO2 impact is much lower than for ply which is transported around the world. Finally our boards both last much longer than ply and can be remade into new boards at the end of life.

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    "Anywhere you can use ply" - but can it hold the thread of a wood screw? Also, around three times the price of ply - not quite the form/fit/function replacement. An interesting product, though, and I understand the environmental claims.

    Back on topic - how well does it machine?

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    Hello Doddy,

    It takes wood screws very well. It can even have wood screws screwed into the end of the boards without the board being damaged because the plastic has more time than the wood but still grips.

    With regards to machining it has no grain so cuts well in all directions and does not splinter. What you need to remember is to use a 2 bit flute and cut maybe a little slower. Finally, full disclosure now, the boards are not always as flat as wood so they might need mechanical fixing to the bed as the vacuum sucking might not always work.

    When I am next at my computer I will add some photos that show some machined samples.

    Any other questions anyone?


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    Still waiting for sample shots please Archie...

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    If this is anything like previous recycled samples I've seen, it'll have the structural integrity of a wet noodle, so you need to have a good structure to support it, which is why I'm guessing that bench has as many thick legs.

    I remember a mate got some recycled plastic samples from a company, and he showed me one sample that must have been about 2"x5" and 3 foot long, which was being targeted for replacing wood. You could noticeable bend it by hand, and we couldn't come up with any practical application you could actually use it for. It was structurally useless, and too heavy.
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