Does anyone have a Spartan CNC router or a HOLIP HLP-SH110 inverter?

Can anyone recommend an engineer who might be able to help me?

The machine was bought from Radecal and has been looked at by engineers from Mantech. Are there any Radecal engineers out there still who know this machine?

Where I'm up to:
- Last time it was running I had a full day of cutting, disconnected the laptop and turned the router off at the red button at that point it tripped the circuit breaker.
- A fault was found with the HOLIP HLP-A inverter and this was replaced with a HOLIP HLP-SH110 inverter.
- The Chinese manufacturers gave guidance on connecting it and the settings to be inputted.
- The machine still tripped the circuit breaker if you turned it on.
- A fault was then found with the cabinet fan, a Y axis motor and its control card.
- The Y axis motor and control card was replaced.
- The machine turned on, returned to home, ran files fine but the spindle would not run.
- The Chinese manufacturers have been providing some suggestions like 'short the yellow and black wire together' but it's so slow to get any information from them.
- Vacuum pumps run fine, water pump runs (flow alarm but that's another problem).
- The new cabinet fan has not been installed.

My concern is that so many different, unconnected parts failed at the same moment. What caused that? Is there still a fault that will do more damage? Why isnít the machine protected against it?

Many thanks,