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    Boxford A3 HSRi 3D High Speed Router

    Good condition

    Surplus to requirements (and has been unused for several years)...the teachers have no idea how to use this sort of kit anymore!

    It powers up and comes with CAD/CAM design tools version 5, but I can't say much else about it, sorry.

    I'm happy to answer questions (if I am able) and more than happy to show the item if you can get to me.

    Based in Blackburn, Lancashire.
    Please email me on:
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    Hi, I have just sent you an e-mail, I am very interested in this router for my studio.


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    I have sent you an email.


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    Hi cosmonat

    I can't find your email...will you resend please? cmarsden@saintwilfrids.co.uk


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    Hi cmarsden,

    Have you received it now?
    If not, I will send you a private message through this forum.


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