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    Hi all,

    I am 21 from the beauiful county of Leicesterhire. I am currently rehabilitating from an accident i had last year. Proir to this acccident I had full use of a home machine shop. I haven't any formal qualifications within his realm, but have a decent understanding and a hunger to learn. One benefit is I am fluent in solidworks and also posses a solidsolutions passport and hace attended varius courses.

    Recently the family friend that has the machine shop has now decided to move to the coast which presented me with the oppurunity to purchase all of his equipment.

    I am currently moving and sorting all the tooling (there is a lot) but in the coming weeks I will be moving the lathe. The lathe is a wilson slant bed (In fair condition just needs a good clean and some oiling but fully OP) by all accounts these lathes are excuse the phrase "like rocking horse shite".

    The mill on the other hand is a fairly substantial piece of engineering it is a BeaverMill VBRP MK2 V.S (V.S = Variable Speed Head) themachine is in pretty good nick but again needs some cleaning and oil. Unfortunately the shop was suspect to condensation in the winters .

    Along with this there is masses of tooling, MIG/TIG, Guillotine's, Press brake, and all sorts inbetween.

    I intend to convert the BeaverMill to CNC I have a few bits already. I have followed Andre's thread but he sopped posting before completion :(

  2. Welcome.

    You're too young to be worrying about this as a pastime. Instead you should instead be gifting the tooling and machinery to the members here.

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