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    I've just bought some SYK bk12 ball screw supports and some bf12 to go with them . The boxes on the bf 12 state c3 grade which is what I ordered but the bk12 supports only state BK12 is there any way of finding out if the the bk12 supports are c3 grade. will there be a problem if I open the bk supports to have a look at the bearings ? Thanks in advance.


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    Quote Originally Posted by the great waldo View Post
    I will there be a problem if I open the bk supports to have a look at the bearings ? Thanks in advance.

    I wouldn't think so if you're careful. I took a FK10 apart a while ago, reassembled it and it seems to work fine.

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    Pay attention to the bearing orientation.

    If it does have matched angular contact bearings the orientation matters.

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    Hello again, Thanks for the replies .Well I had a look and they had 7001 ap5 bearings from Taiwan inside the whole block looks much better made than the crappy looking one that came with the machine kit. So I feel relieved and it wasn't too expensive compared to the original. I don't know if it'll make a hell of a difference to how the machine runs but I figured getting it right from the beginning should less hassle later on.



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    Fred from BST provided me with some FBT (?) P5 BK12 bearing blocks and to a cursory wiggle they definitely felt a lot tighter and firmer than cheapo ones - has to be a good thing as far as longevity and vibration are concerned IMHO.

  6. If they are original SYK, then it will say C3 on the box, the box will be yellow not blue, and also it will have BK12- C3 laser marked on the part.
    If it has no C grade, then the bearings will be chinese and only rated for C7.

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    Hi Gary.
    I contacted syk and gave them the serial numbers and they confirmed the bearings were p5 grade and made in taiwan. And specced for c3 to c7? I'm not quite sure how that works!
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  8. It depends on the quality of the beairng. Historically SYK would supply Japanese bearings for C3, but as the bearings in Taiwan got better they started to use the locally made beairngs, but you can specify the better bearings if you want. Odd that it was not marked on the support though.

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