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    I'll be interested to see how this works out. In the meantime, I've taken a look at the 1000MDC manual and it is recognisable in general format but does at least look a bit more readable than what I was up against with the 990. However, there will still be some learning to be done while you get your head around how it is organised and what some of the Chinglish words actually mean. It's good to know you have a responsive team at SZGH - hopefully extending beyond the pre-sale period. This should be a fine machine when it's done!
    Yes I've done a lot of researching and looking around at these and all the other controllers and all the feed back relating to SZGH was mostly positive. The manual I have here is probably the best Chinese manual I've seen, I've been dealing with the Chinese a long time so I'm very fluent in Chinglish and to be fair I've got an ABB VFD manual here that is harder to read than this, mostly because it's overly technical.!! . . .There's nothing in it I don't understand in principle then I'm hoping it's just a case of feeling my way around the controller learning what's what.!

    Regards the Service then it's out standing so far. Just today they set up a direct What's App link with the engineer who is setting up and dealing with the whole project.
    He's asking me about the ATC so that is all setup and it will just be a case of tweaking timings, position parameters etc and now I've thrown the rotary 4Th axis in to the mix as well he'll be setting that up as well.
    None of this was any trouble He's offering good advise regards the Servo spindle, asking for pictures of the machine to get a feel for the conversion etc.
    I asked for the Key way to made to match the existing pully which to be fair I thought was a little skinny at 6.35mm(1/4") given the power and he's suggested unprompted not to do that because this new spindle is more powerful with higher speed so go with standard 10mm key way and I agree.

    From my dealings so far I don't think they will ignore any questions regards after sale and while I fully expect to have reasonably large learning curve and possibly the odd head bashing session I'm quite happy and reassured so far that it will work out ok... Time will tell.??
    -use common sense, if you lack it, there is no software to help that.

  2. Another small update: After further investigation of the 4th axis it seems I can remove the DC motor and replace with an absolute AC Servo to match the others, only 750W instead of 1.5Kw.

    The old motor was a round flange type and the new ones are square but it's simply case of drilling a few more holes and tapping into to the existing plate. There is a seal on the plate that motor shaft goes thru and the pinion gear clamps onto the shaft using a collet type system. SZGH are making the shaft to fit the seal and pinion.

    So when done it will back to all it's glory using the factory fitted 4th axis slimmed down with a nice shiny new controller, some extra grunt in the motors and spindle.!!! . . . . Well that's the dream anyway so lets see what reality delivers...

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    -use common sense, if you lack it, there is no software to help that.

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