Hello All

I have just finished off my dedicated plasma table build which i will post soon and part of that build was the purchase of a Pricecnc AVHC10.

I have it all up and working but the torch doesn't move up or down very good i get crashes which obviously is not what i want.

I have altered all the settings etc etc as per the manual but nothing helps.

Does anyone know where the menu is that is described in the you tube video below as when i push my n=button it does nothing?


I have emailed and emailed and emailed Pricecnc and he WILL NOT answer any questions at all which i think is disgusting as he does have a support link in is web page.

Looking on the web there are lots of people who state he has no reply's and his after sales service is non existent and basically i wish i never bought the thing.

Does anyone else have this problem or any ideas as to the menu button as described in the video?

The AVHC10 is still made and available with many machines and i don't understand why he wont answer queries as this must be detrimental to his business.

Cheers Skiprat