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Thread: Worn leadscrew?

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  1. With htd5 belt, 1:2 ratio.

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    Clearly something in the system is non-linear. Have you measured that the pitch of your ballscrew is constant along it's length?

    Have you measured that DRO error in both directions? What's the Backlash?

    Otherwise I don't know how it could be anything but a broken encoder or some screwy software based correction.

  3. I will check if the pitch is constant.

    On previous post i posted picture where i engraved ruler in both directions, no visible deviations, backlash is minimal, around 0.03mm.

  4. I switched the motors, same error. I switched the drives, same error. Looks like mechanical error, worn leadscrew/nut i guess. I highly doubt mach3 would have a bug?

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