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    Hello everyone.
    I've been lurking here for several months and decided I better join up. I'm part of the 40 to 45 year old group and live in Humberside.
    I'd like to start to get into CAD and CAM and would really like a CNC machine. Right now, I've got the place to put one, but it's full of the usual garage "junk" that needs to be cleared out! (I need to turn the garage into a workshop - which will be a fun project in itself).
    I'd like to build a wikihouse https://www.wikihouse.cc/ or maybe a Shed, perhaps a Guinea Pig hutch - I should probably start small and work my way up .
    Eventually I'd like an 8x4 machine which is vertical so as not to take up too much space, and to make it easier to lift stuff on and off.
    ...but I need to relearn some CAD skills (they're about 25years out of date right now) then learn to weld then learn all the other stuff to make my ideas happen.

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    Welcome Bob! Looking forward to seeing that Wikihouse! Perhaps a hutch isn't a bad starting point... ;)

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    Hello and welcome Bob. I'm a bit South of you near Mansfield and also a beginner at CNC but learning from a book entitled "CNC Milling in the Workshop" which is aimed at model engineers mainly.

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    Hi there Brian, thanks for the info. I'll try and get hold of a copy.

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