...and now I seem to have myself a new hobby trying to put together my first ever cnc from scratch! I have no prior experience with cncís, but Iíve been looking at getting one for some while now. Mostly for various wood projects Iíve got going on from time to time, but also hoping to get my kids involved and interested in industrial design (I.e. to better understand what actually goes into making things).

Now, having spent countless nights looking at different kits online and ploughing through forums Iíve come to realise that all the kits within my budget come with compromises, many of which I wouldnít be prepared to pay the asking price for. Luckily, I stumbled upon mycncuk which, to my mind, seems to offer the most helpful and on point advice of any cnc related forum Iíve visited. Actually, itís the active members here that have (unknowingly) pushed me over the edge and got me worryingly excited about this.

Which brings me to what Iím doing here. Iíve lurked around the forum and stolen a bunch of great ideas which, in turn, has yielded a concrete plan of what Iíll get myself into. For anyone kind enough to drop me some critique, Iíll be posting my initial iterations in the build log thread (I hope thatís the correct one) and hopefully Iíll get started soon enough!

Other than that, cheers to all of you who actively and constructively share your views with us less experienced- Iíve already learnt a ton!