Hi all
Well the Warco I purchased has gone back, I thought I would buy direct from Warco (used) because the website said that the second hand lathes were fully serviced and come with a six month warranty.
Well the lathe turned up 350’ backlash on cross feed, quite a bit of backlash on line feed, cable flange broken so cable was rubbing on metal, they said it must have serviced as it had a new circuit board.
Anyway they sent out a recon cross feed and I fitted it also fitted a new cable flange because I was not plugging it in without, fired it up all seemed ok until I started to turn a bit of bright mild steel it lasted 7 or 8 minutes then a clunk motor still running but not chuck,I had had enough told them to collect it and refund my money.
It took two weeks to get my money back but I got it.
As I still needed a small lathe and as I am only mainly going to be making small parts in brass I did a lot of research and started looking at EMCO Unimat but like most thing’s reviews were good and bad but what I did find out was that Unimat gradually got worse quality with each upgrade so although parts are a bit of a problem I have plumped for a very early EMCO Unimat SL complete with powered mill.