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    ** This is now 'sold'. I will advertise again if it becomes available.

    Hello all,
    I am the Technician at a secondary school in the Birmingham/Solihull area and we would like to get rid of our faulty RotoCAMM MDX-40.
    I have been told to 'throw it out' but my conscience hopes there is a more responsible way to do this.
    So it is free to a good home, but you will need to collect it.

    The machine powers on but shortly after makes a repetitive loud knocking as it tries to home itself or set up or whatever it is doing. (I have never used or seen this machine in action)

    If anyone is interested please message me on here or email direct to cspouncer@jhncc.org
    Photos can be provided if needed.

    OR if you can suggest a suitable place to take it to be recycled etc that would also be greatly appreciated.


    ** This is now 'sold'. I will advertise again if it becomes available.
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    I've dropped you an email :)

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