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    Hi all, well the big day has come - my 3020T CNC turned up and I've just got round to the unpack. Very excited to get started, but a few niggles have just dented my confidence a bit - hope you guys can help ...

    First the instructions are in German, no problem I speak a bit of German, but when I try to read it - it's obviously one of those " auto translated from Chinese into German instructions that don't make sense even if you're fluent.

    After a bit of Scrabbling I think I've found the English notes, or at least the "translated into English" notes - but only for the software !

    this brings me to point 2 - the Hardware comes with the steppers detached and obviously need installing - looks straightforward, but then things always do ! - Has anyone tried this assembly ? - Google doesn't seem to help me find assembly instructions, are all the steppers X,Y,Z Axes the same ? - which way round does the plastic mounting go (looks like it'll do either)?? etc.

    Final point - the sw instructions mention a USB to parallel port connections - but the kit comes with an arduino style USB cable - the controller has a socket for this - I'm assuming this is an alternative to the parallel port socket - is this right ??

    I can probably muddle my way through - or I could just end up mangling my new toy, so I thought I'd do the non-bloke thing and ask for some help and instructions - any pointers ?
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    I just found this - for those in a similar situation on assembly instructions


    Seems helpful - it's what I expected it to be but nice to have some reassurance

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    are all the steppers X,Y,Z Axes the same ? - which way round does the plastic mounting go (looks like it'll do either)?? etc.
    The crystal ball is hazy . A few pics might help to clear the fog.
    The more you know, The better you know, How little you know

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    Quote Originally Posted by Britannicus1 View Post
    Hi all, well the big day has come - my 3020T
    3020 isn't a specific model from a specific manufacturer, it's a size/format definition like A4 for paper or AA for batteries, everybody and their dog knocks them out to a wide range of specifications and qualities.
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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