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    My name is stan kern and i am located in ontario canada
    I work with a cnc router, co2 laser , 3d printing adn plasma
    I post utubes and use John Walsh's drawing boards to digitize my plans or
    printed diagrams for maching
    If you want you can utube search stankern and you will see my attemps

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    Welcome Stan. Some very interesting videos.

    For some reason the forum 'flag' shows you as in Dromore, UK.

    Engineering is the art of doing for ten shillings what any fool can do for a pound.

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    I could not get registered on this site , i had some help through the logicgroup
    The site would not accept my registration
    but its ok i am here now
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    Hi Stan,

    Welcome to the forum, please check your email inbox as I have sent you a reply regarding your requests.

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    Yes Thanks , that's what happens when you do not read right to the bottom of the page , you fixed me up good

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