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    I have a Harrison Alpha 330s plus lathe with Fanuc controller and have been trying to do a sram back up as per the FANUC instructions. It all goes ok until it asks me to back up sram data.... it asks gor "Yes or no", when I hit the soft key yes nothing happens! I have tried different cards but with no luck. All these cards do however work with the machine when reading and copying program files to the machines memory. Also is the machine will not complete a format of any of these cards, it will continually just flash "formatting" and not complete! I was however able to format them successfully fat on my laptop. I'm a bit stuck now as I'd like to back the machine up but it's just not working! Any suggestions appreciated.
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    Which Fanuc controller is it.? Do you have the operators manual for it. Would be worth checking out if it's got a write-protect so cannot accidentally overwrite or format cards.

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    Its the 21iT lathe version I think, Ive got the manual, I enabled parameter changes to allow me to change i/o to 4 to read the card but do you think there might be another parameter to change to allow the sram backup and format, ie allowing writing to the card....hadnt thought of that

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    Hi, I have the same lathe with the same problem, did you get anywhere with this?

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    No, not resolved pitmole.....and seeing you have the same machine are the your workoffsets activated ie G54 etc activated, I have only a workshift button. Thanks

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    Hi, I honestly cant remember about the soft key, and am away from my machine till end of next week, will look for you then, mostly used it in conversational mode TBH which it is pretty good at!

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    Hi all, I also work in a shop with an Alpha 330-s. I have the programming manual, but no machine / maintenance manual. Is there anybody that can help get me a copy.

    I also would like to do a backup of parameters 'just in-case', can anyone advise on the method, and type of "SRAM" card that is being used?

    Thank you.

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    So you go into boot menu
    Then it stops working on SRAM ?
    Can you back up the pmc file
    What manuals are you after

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