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    Hi guys, I have built a motorcycle paddock starter on my 6040 CNC using a 180v 1HP 6 amp DC tread mill motor but the switch mode 240v AC to 180v 8 amp DC power supply cuts out (safety reset) when I put it under load trying to start a bike. I donít need to vary the speed, just run the motor at max for a few seconds at a time. So does anyone know can I use 240 AC through a 50A 1000V Metal Case Single Phases Diode Bridge Rectifier KBPC5010 and maybe a large capacitor on the motor side or am I doing something stupid?

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    I'm not sure your treadmill motor would last too long, even if you are using it in short bursts.....
    I'd be tempted to use a a step down transformer and then rectify and smooth the output.
    Do you know what sort of power you would need to start a bike?

    If you use 180 V or just below, that will give you the best chance of success, I guess.

    Its all specultion, of course....lol

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