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    Hi everyone,

    After a couple of months with minimal time to spend on the CNC, finally getting back into it. Learnt lots but still much more to learn, as is always the way..

    So one thing I hadn't fully thought out in the design is how to grease the Z bearing blocks. The nipples are in the right place (must avoid obvious jokes here..) but the grease gun "Nozzle" wont fit in the space to engage properly.

    So I'm thinking of using the side inlets - only recently realised that was possible.
    Hiwin say you should carefully pierce the side inlet with a hot metal rod to avoid chips in the bearings. Do you then have to insert a new grease nipple (can't see a thread) or is there a different type of nozzle available you can just pressure fit and fire in the grease. I can't have a permanent fixing as it would hit the side plate.

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    Did you manage to solve the greasing issue?

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    Hi NordicCNC - I ended up making a hole in the side inlets - 2.5mm I believe (as hiwin spec sheet) and using the small blanking bolts to seal the holes when not in use. Then used a conical adaptor for the grease gun to grease from the new holes - seems to work well.

    Got around to upgrading my machine base - ended up getting 12mm aluminum tooling plate and using the router to drill 100 M8 holes @ 75mm spacing. Then the fun of tapping 100 by hand:)
    I'm sure a thicker plate would give even more rigidity but It's much more rigid/less deflection than the 12mm ply ! Plus no more threaded inserts falling out all the time. It's also nice and shiny (for now)..
    Added a ply spoilboard for now, but planning to use phenolic on top in the future.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by CNCRY View Post
    Is that finish on the edge of your plates waterjet or laser cut? Been considering those as a cheaper option for getting mine cut but I’d like the edges to be all nice and smooth.

    Cracking machine by the way, well done getting it all up and running so quick!

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