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    Hi everybody,

    I am making progress on my DIY CNC, I have everything hooked up and it seems to be running well. I have actually made my first cut in three-quarter plywood. My feeds and speeds are off but nevertheless, I didn't break anything.

    Now I wanted to finish building my electronics cabinet and make everything somewhat organized, but I am struggling with finding the right components to finish everything. I am not familiar with the terminology that those who have experience know about.

    If you look at the attached picture you will see where I'm at currently so here are my questions:

    I live in the USA, I will be running 220 electrics to the box. What kind of the main switch should I put on here? I see some people use Rotary switches like this one.


    I bought one of these, but I think I bought the wrong thing because the switch end up being a transfer switch not ON/OFF switch

    Should I have any kind of fuses where the main power is coming into the box?

    Should there be a fuse between the power supply and servomotors in case the power supply dies wouldn't want anything happening to those servomotors?

    What about the VFD I read on forums that I should have a power line filter like this one .


    Any other suggestion anybody might have would be greatly appreciated.

    First cut here.

    Thank you

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