Hi Everyone,

First post on this forum and CNC in general. There seems to be a huge amount of knowledge on this forum, and I feel very out of my depth but learnt a lot lurking here for the past couple of weeks, from a base of zero !
Not sure if I should be creating my own build log as its just a couple questions for now.
So I'm looking at building a CNC router for perhaps 75% soft/hard wood, 25% aluminium use. I mainly work with wood on a hobby level.
I don't have any CAD drawings etc yet, all just paper! sketches but the plan is in the style of the 3d tek heavy mill with some inspiration from here.
wasteboard size 1080 x 1000mm

Here are the parts I'm planning to use this far;

Hiwin 20mm Linear Rails/ HGW20CA Carriages @ 900mm (for X & Y Axes)
2005 Ball Screws @ 900mm for X and Y ( 2 on Y axis rails)
BF15/BK15 Mounts
1605 Ball Screw for Z Axis
Z Axis TBC, but likely SC16LUU type bearings
4 x Nema 23 4NM stepper motors

Purchased so far: Aluminium Profile
2 pieces of 40 x 120 @ 1000mm (Y axis)
4 pieces of 40 x 40 @ 1000mm (X axis supports)
1 pieces 80 x 80 @ 1200mm for X Gantry (will rest on aluminium plate on linear rails)

Parts which I need some assistance with (so far...)
I have minimal electrical experience this far, aside from domestic 240V type.
So looking for comments on the below - will it work together etc. I'll probably not purchase any of the below until physical build well under way but getting an idea of design and cost.

Laptop with Ethernet..
AXXB-E Control board - I like this as it works with UCCNC and Mach3/4, plus doesn't require a breakout board I believe. Does anyone have good/bad experience with this?
Stepper Drivers - Would something like CW8060 from cnc 4 you deliver good performance from the motors? Anything better at similar price point? Stall detection sounds like a must but not clear if this has it?
Power Supply - What Voltage to drive the motors at for optimum performance? and any PSU recommended?