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    A couple of weeks ago I checked out prices on a cheap VFD whilst negotiating the purchase of a 3 phase blower - 2.2KW AT1 type on the Bay of fleas was 53.99. I didn't buy at the time as I was waiting on payment for a job, which has now come in. So I go to but it at the weekend and it's gone up 10! - inspite of the GBP-USD rate not having shifted significantly. Do such prices bounce around and is it worth hanging on a few weeks to see if it'll go back I wonder?

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    Often it's the shipping which changes not so much the price of what your buying.

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    You could be right - though these units are supposedly located in Leicester! (my arse)

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    Supply and demand.

    Much of China is shutdown, so those who still have stock will be upping their prices.
    I ordered a laser engraver a few weeks ago and it cost me 98. Similar models, if you can find one, are now going for 20-30 more.
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    Aaahh, good thinking - I will see if I can hang on for a bit before getting one.

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    As soon as you get it, tell me how long you got it. I'm planning to make some orders and if it's delayed, I'll have to look for backups.

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    All they think about is just raising the price of air. Not all of China is paralyzed!
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    I had been watching the AT1 unit on Banggood for a few weeks as a cheaper alternative to the Hyungyang units (although it has a lot less features) and was interested to see what you get for your money. Plus a few people had bought one and got stuck so thought I could give some feedback. It was around 75, then I noticed it dropped to ~56. Seems like they just play with the offers. Mine was free so not too worried but thought Id feed that back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel-J View Post
    All they think about is just raising the price of air. Not all of China is paralyzed!
    I deal with Chinese sellers all the time and to be honest 99.9% of them are helpful and respectful. They will often to some degree be flexible on price if approached with an equally respectful attitude. They also in lots of cases provide fast service. I've received stuff in as little as 4 days.

    I keep seeing people knocking them but if the UK or Oz had the same scale of virus threat they are dealing with the whole place would be in meltdown and you wouldn't be able to buy a loaf of bread.! . . . . FFS give them a break because waiting a few more days or weeks won't make much difference in the grand scheme of building a machine for DIY use.!

    Plus as any of those moaning actually asked or even enquired with suppliers regards any delays.? . . . I bet not.!

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