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  1. Hello dear MYCNCUK forum users,
    In cooperation with the forum moderators, we'd like to announce the sale promotion "Pumotix for everybody!"
    Currently our software is used by thousands of CNC makers all over the world, and we hope that the promotion will help us expand the sales geography of Pumotix, and you'll get a qualified product absolutely free.
    To take part in the sales promotion you just need to send an e-mail to info@pumotix.ru
    Please put "free PLCM + Pumotix" in the subject line of that and specify the following contact information about you:
    1. Full name.
    2. If you present a company, please send us its name, activities and website.
    3. Network accounts (Facebook, twitter, YouTube) + your nickname on the forum.
    4. Shipment address.
    5. Telephone number.
    6. Some items about your CNC activities.
    - What software do you usually use?
    - What type of CAM software do you use?
    - What kind of a CNC machine will you use to test our products (+ a photo, if possible)?
    - What does the machine proceed? For what purpose?
    - What type of electronics is installed on the machine (drivers, BOBs and so on)?

    We'll choose some lucky MYCNCUK forum users and provide them with our controller and an improved version of the software free.
    Please hurry up, time is limited!

  2. Hello everybody,
    Please also see another video of ours in English here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dx67...ature=youtu.be
    That is about a Pumotix option “G-code quick start from an arbitrary line”.
    We believe it will be helpful to get some more information about the software.

  3. Cam-system by Purelogic R&D
    Hardware – software CNC complex Pumotix developers released preparing control program system for thermal cutting machines-PUMOTIX CAM.

    Access to all the features of the CAM system is provided free up to 12/31/2020
    PUMOTIX CAM download file

    The starting version of the CAM system has the following features for plasma and gas-oxygen cutting machines:
    1. Simple and intuitive procedure for plasma and gas cutting machines sheet cutting programs.
    2. Manual and auto nesting modules for saving material consumption.
    3. Import of DXF format sketches.
    4. Built-in library of standard parts.
    5. Direct integration of machine control system with its own CNC machine control system.
    6. Built-in features to improve quality of hole cutting.
    7. The same flexible licensing system as PUMOTIX has.

    In the future, it is planned to introduce laser cutting modules for preparing control programs, waterjet cutting, engraving and figural cutting machines using a rotary axis.
    Detailed descriptions of options and package offers are provided on the PUMOTIX website.

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