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    Hello boys and girls.
    Well, due to Valentine's Day dinners, the tax man, and my girlfriends birthday coming very soon, it's been a crappy month so will have to let the following go. Looking for a quick sale please.

    5x INA KWVE-20B carriages. (Maybe 6. I'm 97% sure I had another one lying around.)
    10x 160mm lengths of 20mm rail for the INA carriages.
    3x THK HSR25 carriages
    1x 320mm length of HSR25 rail.
    Assorted HSR25 spares from an old carriage.

    I'm asking £140 incl. delivery to the UK for the lot as these are second hand and in dire need of some maintenance and probably more balls. Definitely need to be taken apart and cleaned, regreased and maybe the odd touch of surface rust on the outside removed.
    I'd be happy to take more pictures if requested. Please let me know if I'm way off on pricing.


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    Price dropped!

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    If they are used and missing balls they are pretty much worthless.!

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