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    Looking at the store and trying to view the various categories all I get is a message saying...

    'Sorry, no matches were found for your refined search'

    Before anyone says anything this wasn't a refined search, I just went to the store and clicked on a particular section, in this case 'Linear Guide' But this happens with every category of product that I click on.

    Just wondered if it was just me or if others are having difficulties too.


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    just went on to freds store. All working for me

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    Ok, well I couldn't figure out how to find it on Ali, so I just Googled 'Aliexpress BST Automation' and that's how I got there. Just tried it again and if I click on the 'Top Selling' link on the toolbar I get this...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Can you send me the link you are using please, just in case I'm at a different BST.


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    Ok, I think I've discovered the problem...

    It doesn't seem to like the browser I was using... Opera. I use Opera quite a bit because of it's integration with WhatsApp.

    Lesson learned. Thanks for taking the time to check though

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    Aliexpress seem to have a very cavalier attitude to compatibility with their website, A couple of times I've had them change things without any kind of warning and find next day I can't login/search/whatever. Best thing is to complain to them and tell them you will buy elsewhere.

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    Are BST shipping I ordered disc coupling and cancelled them after a week because it gave 14 days till shipping.

    I assumed Corona virus has everything on lockdown.

    I have a few things on back order from China at the moment.
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    If you didn't buy it from China the company you bought it from did ;)

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    Delays because of Chinese new year and the virus I think

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    Coronavirus means most places are still shutdown.
    I was looking at seeedstudios for some PCBs, and they've still got a banner saying orders are postponed until 20th, but even that is not a fixed date :-/
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