Hello again all

Been a while since I posted anything to the forum. My eldest child, my only son, was murdered last May so I haven't felt much like doing anything if truth be told. Now I'm trying to get life going again.
My build has stalled. I have built the control unit and confirmed that it works with UCCNC. I have a water cooled spindle and a jogger all ready for when the gantry has been built. I was having help with this but it it just didn't happen in the end.
In the meantime I am hoping to make a piece of wall hanging kinetic art (constructed almost entirely out of 6mm Baltic birch) as a wedding present for my daughter. Obviously accuracy is critical. I am hoping that there might be someone in the Gloucestershire area (I live in Cheltenham) who has a CNC router who might be able to help me out, for a price of course. The alternative is to painstakingly cut it all out on my scrollsaw.
If you can help please let me know.
Thanks in anticipation.